Bird List and Photographs for Florida, May 4th-12th, 2010, Glenn Morris. Go to Glenn's Home Page


This is a list of birds I saw in Florida between May 4th and 12th, 2010, preceded by a list of the main birdwatching sites. Click on the highlighted species to see my best photo so far. All photos were taken with a lightweight Panasonic DMC-FZ18 camera with up to 23x optical zoom. Thanks to Olivier Barden of Quebec City for i.d. corrections.

  • Bird thumbnails!
  • All sites visited are close to Orlando or Tallahassee and can be found in the on-line guides for the "Great Florida Birding Trail"

    MI = Merritt Island, near Titusville 

    BPD = Black Point Drive, Merritt Island

    OWP = Orlando Water Park is a wild area of shallow vegetated lakes near the coast

    Moss Park = a large public park near Orlando airport and the best place to see nesting cranes, storks, herons, ibises, cormorant and anhinga.

    Shadow Bay = small public park near Lake Cain and Universal Studios, which had a Bald Eagle nesting earlier in the year.

    StMarks is the National Wildlife Refuge south of Tallahassee

    Bottoms Road = west access to St Marks at Panacea

    Tallahassee suburbs = mainly the area north of I-10 between US319 and SR151, esp near Lake Killearney.
    MacClay = MacClay Gardens, Tallahassee, esp area around Park Lake.
    AJHP = AJ Henry Park, Tallahassee has a small lake with a boardwalk at one end.

    Alford Greenway is old pastures with interspersed woodlands, SE of Tallahassee.

    Vause = J Lee Vause Park, Lake Jackson, Tallahassee

    Tall Timbers = a private pine plantation both sides of County Highway 12 (off 319 north of Tallahassee near the Georgia border) - no access but can view at roadside gates.

    Caverns = Florida Caverns State Park, Marianna, esp the riverine woodlands

  • May is perhaps not the ideal time of year to visit Florida, but we had been to South Florida in February more than once and this time wanted to include summer birds like Mississippi and Swallow-tailed Kites, and to see some of the Panhandle specialties. Although there seemed to be few migrating warblers remaining by May, waders were still quite plentiful and diverse and the heat was not too intense at 80-90oC. We saw 112 species


    1. Brown Pelican (3 at Manatee Crossing, MI, 3 at StMarks, 2 at Bottoms Rd)

    2. Anhinga (Common as singles at BPD, 2 at AJHP, 1 at at StMarks, at Vause, at MacClay, several at OWP and many at Moss Park, Orlando)

    3. Double-crested Cormorant (Common near water, many at Moss Park, Orlando.)

    4. Least Bittern (1 at StMarks only)

    5. Great Blue Heron (2-3 at BPD and OWP, 1 overflying at MacClay)

    6. Great Egret (Common at BPD, 1 at AJHP, StMarks, Bottoms Rd, MacClay and OWP)

    7. Snowy Egret (1-2 at BPD and OWP, 3 at StMarks, 2 at Bottoms Rd, 2 overflying at MacClay )

    8. Reddish Egret** (Common at BPD, inc 1 white morph)

    9. Little Blue Heron (Common at BPD, mainly white immatures, a few at OWP, nesting at Moss Park, Orlando.)

    10. Tricolored Heron (Common at BPD, OWP and at StMarks and Vause)

    11. Cattle Egret (Common in fields and wetlands, e.g. at Moss Park, Orlando)

    12. Green Heron (Common at BPD, 2 at AJHP, 2 at OWP, 1-2 at Moss Park, Orlando)

    13. Black-crowned Night-Heron (3 at OWP only)

    14. Glossy Ibis (2 at Moss Park, Orlando only)

    15. White Ibis (Numerous in Orlando, esp. Moss Park, and at MI, OWP)

    16. Roseate Spoonbill**(3-4 at BPD, 1 at OWP)

    17. Wood Stork(1 at Tibet-Butler, 1 on I-10, 1 at AJHP, 1 in Tallahassee suburb, 2 overflying at MacClay, 40+ at Moss Park, Orlando)

    18. Canada Goose (Abundant on lakes at Tallahassee)

    19. Black-bellied Whistling Duck (100+ at OWP only)

    20. Wood Duck (2-3 pairs at AJHP, 1 pair at Vause, 3 at Killearney lake, Tallahassee)

    21. Mottled Duck** (1 with 12 young at BPD, 2 at Tibet-Butler)

    22. Blue-winged Teal (1 female at OWP)

    23. Canvasback(1 female at Chowder Landing, Lake Jackson, Tallahassee )

    24. Lesser Scaup (1 male at AJHP, 1 female at StMarks )

    25. Black Vulture(Seen daily in good numbers throughout)

    26. Turkey Vulture (Seen daily in good numbers throughout)

    27. Osprey (Seen daily in good numbers near lakes and coast)

    28. Swallowtailed Kite** (1 at OWP, 1 seen from the Turnpike, 1 at Apalachicola Forest (north), one on I-10 east of Marianna, 1 on 319 near Sopchoppy)

    29. Mississippi Kite** (Numerous around Tallahassee, 5-6 together, seen daily, 2 at Sopchoppy, 1 at MacClay)

    30. Cooper’s Hawk (One in suburban Orlando early am)

    31. Redshouldered Hawk (Common: Two at OWP, several in Tallahassee suburbs, 1 at Caverns, one photographed displaying at motorway rest area near Gainesville.)

    32. Redtailed Hawk (Uncommon: 1 soaring in distance at MacClay and 1 near I-10, but best at Shadow Bay Park, Orlando)

    33. Bald Eagle**  (One perched at BPD, 1 chased by Osprey at MacClay)

    34. Crested Caracara** (Two at OWP, a surprise find)

    35. Wild Turkey (1 at Vause, 1 at the Caverns)

    36. Northern Bobwhite (Several pairs seen and heard at Tall Timbers, 1 calling at Klapp-Phipps)

    37. Moorhen (2 with 3 young at BPD, abundant at OWP, many at StMarks and Vause)

    38. American Coot (1 at StMarks, 1 at OWP)

    39. Limpkin** (1 at OWP, 5.30PM and again AM on May 15th.)

    40. Sandhill Crane (Several pairs (with young) at Moss Park, Orlando)

    41. Blackbellied Plover (2-3 at BPD, 2 at Bottoms Rd)                        

    42. Semipalmated Plover(2-3 at BPD, 3 at Bottoms Rd)

    43. Blackwinged Stilt (10+ at BPD, inc one on nest, 6+ at OWP )

    44. Lesser Yellowlegs (1-2 at BPD, 1 at Bottoms Rd)

    45. Willet (this one is "Western subspp"!! (2 at BPD, 6 at StMarks, 10 at Bottoms Rd)

    46. Spotted Sandpiper (1 at StMarks, 1 at MacClay)

    47. Whimbrel (6 at Bottoms Rd)

    48. Dunlin (20+ at BPD, 6 at Bottoms Rd)

    49. Whiterumped Sandpiper (Flock of 8 at BPD: Photo mis-labelled as "Pectoral")

    50. Semipalmated Sandpiper (2 at Bottoms Rd)

    51. Least Sandpiper (5-10 at BPD, 2 at Bottoms Rd)

    52. Short-billed Dowitcher (20+ at BPD, 10 at Bottoms Rd)

    53. Laughing Gull (1-2 at StMarks, 6 at Ochlockonee)

    54. Ring-billed Gull (1 at StMarks only)

    55. Royal Tern (3 at BPD, 3-4 at StMarks)

    56. Forster’s Tern(2 at StMarks only)

    57. Feral Pigeon (1 in downtown Tallahassee)

    58. Mourning Dove (Seen or heard daily)

    59. Ground Dove (1 in suburban Orlando, 1 at Alford Greenway)

    60. Yellowbilled Cuckoo(1 flew overhead at Tallahassee Klapp-Phipps, 2 at Apalachicola Forest (north), 1 at MacClay)

    61. Chimney Swift (Common in Tallahassee suburbs)

    62. Redheaded Woodpecker (Common: Twice in Tallahassee suburbs, 1 at Apalachicola Forest (north))

    63. Redbellied Woodpecker (Common: Pair at Tibet-Butler, several at Apalachicola Forest (north))

    64. Downy Woodpecker (1 at AJHP, 1 at Vause, 2 at Ochlockonee, 1 at OWP)

    65. Hairy Woodpecker (1 only at Moss Park, Orlando (Split Oak trail))

    66. Northern Flicker (3 at BPD only)

    67. Pileated Woodpecker(1 at Alford Greenway, at Klapp-Phipps and at Vause)

    68. Great Crested Flycatcher (1 in central Orlando gardens, 1 in Tallahassee, 1 at StMarks, 1 at Apalachicola Forest (north), 1 at Ochlockonee, 2 at Klapp-Phipps)

    69. Eastern Kingbird(2 at BPD, 3 at Alford Greenway, many at StMarks, 1 at MacClay)

    70. Loggerhead Shrike (1 at MI)

    71. White-eyed Vireo(1 heard at Alford Greenway, 2-3 seen at Caverns, 1 heard at MacClay, 1 at Moss Park, Orlando (Split Oak trail))

    72. Blue Jay (Common in suburban Orlando and Tallahassee)

    73. American Crow (Common in suburban Tallahassee, 3 at OWP)

    74. Fish Crow (Common in Orlando, Tallahassee and coast)

    75. Purple Martin (20+ at Alford Greenway, 20+ at OWP)

    76. Barn Swallow (Many at StMarks)

    77. Carolina Chickadee(Common around Tallahassee)

    78. Tufted Titmouse (Common around Orlando and Tallahassee.)

    79. Brown-headed Nuthatch** (3+ at StMarks (HQ Pond pines), many at Ochlockonee)

    80. Whitebreasted Nuthatch (2 in Tallahassee suburbs (lakeside hardwoods)

    81. Marsh Wren (2 singing at Bottoms Road only)

    82. Carolina Wren (Abundant: seen or heard daily)

    83. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (1 in Tallahassee suburbs, 3 at Caverns, 2 at Shadow Bay, Orlando)

    84. Eastern Bluebird (Common where there are boxes: 10+ pairs at Alford Greenway, 3 at Klapp-Phipps, pair with 1 young in Tallahassee garden, 1 at StMarks)

    85. Gray Catbird (1 at Tibet-Butler)

    86. Northern Mockingbird (Abundant: Seen and heard daily in good numbers)

    87. Brown Thrasher (Common: 1 nesting in a Tallahassee garden, several at Ochlockonee)

    88. Starling (Common: 1 in flight central Orlando, 10+ at Klapp-Phipps, 4 at StMarks, 2 in Tallahassee suburbs )

    89. Northern Parula (Common: 1 male seen and heard at Alford Greenway, heard in most wooded and suburban areas in the north)

    90. Yellow-rumped Warbler (1 inside Terminal A, Orlando airport)

    91. Pine Warbler (Common but hard to see: Heard in all pinewoods, 2 seen at MacClay)

    92. American Redstart(1 seen at Tibet-Butler only)

    93. Prothonotary Warbler (1 at Sopchoppy City Park Boardwalk, 1 at Ochlockonee entrance)

    94. Common Yellowthroat (1 seen at Apalachicola Forest (north), 1 at Moss Park, Orlando (Split Oak trail)

    95. (Swainson’s Warbler: heard only) “Siu-siu-siu-SISTerville” heard more than once on riverside trails at Caverns.

    96. Hooded Warbler** (3-4 at Caverns)

    97. Summer Tanager(1 singing at Vause)

    98. Blue Grosbeak (2 at Tall Timbers)

    99. Indigo Bunting (3-4 at Tall Timbers)

    100. Cardinal (Seen daily in good numbers)

    101. Eastern Towhee (Common at StMarks and Tallahassee suburbs)

    102. Bachmann’s Sparrow** (1 seen, heard and snapped at Tall Timbers only)

    103. Saltmarsh Sharptailed Sparrow  (1 seen at Bottoms Rd (a late departure))

    104. Seaside Sparrow (3+ singing males seen at Bottoms Road only)

    105. Savannah Sparrow (1 at OWP only)

    106. Eastern Meadowlark (1 at BPD only)

    107. Redwinged Blackbird (Common in all wetland areas)

    108. Common Grackle (Seen daily)

    109. Boat-tailed Grackle (Several pairs at MI and at StMarks)

    110. Brownheaded Cowbird (Two at Alford Greenway, 2+ at Klapp-Phipps, 2 at StMarks, 1 immature at Tallahassee birdfeeder)

    111. House Sparrow (3-4 in downtown Tallahassee)

    112. House Finch (1 male in a Tallahassee garden, 3 at Klapp-Phipps)