Bird List and Photographs for Costa Rica, April 3rd-16th, 2012, Glenn Morris. Go to Glenn's Home Page


This is a list of birds I saw in Costa Rica during 14 days (April 3rd-16th, 2012), preceded by a list of the main birdwatching sites. Click on the highlighted species to see my best photo so far (some are OK, others are strictly for ID only!). All photos were taken in Costa Rica using a lightweight Panasonic DMC-FZ18 camera with up to 23x optical zoom.

  • The tour was organized by Eco-tours of Hungary

  • LS = La Selva, riverain forest on the Caribbean slope

    RN = Rancho Naturalista, famous locality for forest birding on the Caribbean slope

    VI = Irazu Volcano, special birds on the volcano rim

    SA = Savegre, high mountains of the Talamanca range, specializing in quetzals

    BO = El Bosque rest-stop on the Pan-Am highway, SE of San Isidro

    WG = Wilson Gardens, Pacific slope near the Panama border

    PC = Pirate Cove in Drake Bay on the Osa peninsular

    RB = Rio Baru, Pacific coastal forest birding

    CA = Carara National Park, Pacific coast river and forest (includes boat trip on Tarcoles river)

    San Jose, few birding opportunities in the city centre

  • April was good for both resident and migrant species, including raptor migration, and we managed to identify 300 full species in 14 days..


    1. Great Tinamou (seen at RB and CA, heard at LS, RN and WG)

    2. Little Tinamou (heard at RB and PC)

    3. Muscovy Duck (2 pairs at CA)

    4. Mallard (obvious feral pair on a pool at SA)

    5. Gray-headed Chachalaca (seen well at RN and briefly at WG)

    6. Crested Guan (seen well at RN and briefly at WG)

    7. Great Currassow (Excellent views at both LS and RB)

    8. Marbled Wood-Quail (flushed from pathside at WG)

    9. Wood Stork (Several between RB and CA)

    10. Magnificent Frigatebird (common along the Pacific coast)

    11. Anhinga (Common in coastal wetlands)

    12. Brown Pelican (small flock along the sea coast at PC)

    13. Bare-throated Tiger Heron (1 at nest with young at Carara hotel and 1 on Tarcoles river)

    14. Great Blue Heron (CA-Tarcoles River)

    15. Great Egret (singles at CA and near road to LS)

    16. Snowy Egret (single on coast at PC and flock at Tarcoles river - CA)

    17. Little Blue Heron(common on Tarcoles river - CA )

    18. Tricolored Heron (common on Tarcoles river - CA)

    19. Cattle Egret (small flocks on road to LS and at CA)

    20. Green Heron (singles from boat to PC and on Tarcoles river - CA)

    21. Boat-billed Heron (several roosting in mangroves on Tarcoles river - CA)

    22. White Ibis(frequent along the Pacific coast)

    23. Green Ibis (1 only in forest at LS)

    24. Roseate Spoonbill(several on Tarcoles river - CA)

    25. Black Vulture (seen daily throughout)

    26. Turkey Vulture (seen daily throughout, 500+ on migration at LS)

    27. Osprey(1 at SA only)

    28. Gray-headed Kite (1 perched at LS only)

    29. Swallow-tailed Kite(common resident throughout)

    30. Double-toothed Kite (singles perched at RB and CA)

    31. Plumbeous Kite (2 in flight at CA)

    32. Bicolored Hawk (heard near nest at RN)

    33. White Hawk (1 soaring at PC only)

    34. Common Black Hawk (singles near coast at PC and CA)

    35. Roadside Hawk  (seen at LS, RN(nest), Osa and RB)

    36. Broadwinged Hawk (1000+ on migration at LS and singles at SA and RB)

    37. Short-tailed Hawk (good views in flight on Pacific coast at PC, RB and CA)

    38. Swainson's Hawk(200+ on migration at LS only)

    39. Red-tailed Hawk (1 soaring at SA only)

    40. Yellow-headed Caracara (fairly common on the Pacific coast)

    41. Laughing Falcon (heard only at RB)

    42. White-throated Crake (heard only at PC)

    43. Southern Lapwing (several on Tarcoles river - CA)

    44. Black-winged Stilt (several on Tarcoles river - CA)

    45. Northern Jacana (several on Tarcoles river - CA)

    46. Whimbrel (several on Tarcoles river - CA)

    47. Semipalmated Sandpiper (many on Tarcoles river - CA)

    48. Least Sandpiper (several on Tarcoles river - CA)

    49. Royal Tern (one on the river to Sierpe)

    50. Rock Dove (large flocks near habitations)

    51. Palevented Pigeon (several at PC)

    52. Band-tailed Pigeon (occasional over-flying at SA)

    53. Ruddy Pigeon (identified at RN only)

    54. Short-billed Pigeon (common in all wooded areas)

    55. White-winged Dove (seen twice on the Pacific coast)

    56. Ruddy Ground-Dove (common on the Pacific side)

    57. White-tipped Dove (common)

    58. Gray-chested Dove (WG and CA only)

    59. Sulphur-winged Parakeet (over-flying flocks at SA)

    60. Crimson-fronted Parakeet (large flocks at WG and at RB hotel)

    61. Great Green Macaw (seen by Andrea only at LS)

    62. Scarlet Macaw (common at Sierpe, PC and CA)

    63. Orange-chinned Parakeet (many at WG and small flock in gardens near Sierpe)

    64. Blue-headed Parrot(perched often at WG only)

    65. White-crowned Parrot(common thoughout in small numbers)

    66. Red-lored Parrot(identified at LS and PC)

    67. Mealy Parrot (identified at LS and RB)

    68. Squirrel Cuckoo(seen well at LS; also at RN)

    69. Smooth-billed Ani (common roadside bird in Pacific south)

    70. Groove-billed Ani (Tarcoles river at CA only)

    71. Crested Owl (Heard at dawn very close in RB hotel grounds)

    72. Common Parauque (seen in the evenings at LS, RN and PC)

    73. Dusky Nightjar (heard from the hotel grounds at SA)

    74. Chestnut-collared Swift (seen in the higher parts of SA only)

    75. White-collared Swift (flocks at RB and on the airport road near San Jose)

    76. Vaux's Swift (the common mountain swift at SA)

    77. Costa Rican Swift (flocks in the back-hills at PC)

    78. White-necked Jacobin(common at RN feeders; also at PC)

    79. Bronzy Hermit (1 inside forest at CA)

    80. Band-tailed Barbthroat (1 in forest at RB)

    81. Green Hermit (common at RN feeders)

    82. Long-billed Hermit (singles at LS and CA)

    83. Stripe-throated Hermit (singles at RN and CA)

    84. Brown Violet-ear (glimpsed at RN feeders)

    85. Green Violet-ear (common at SA feeders)

    86. Purple-crowned Fairy (seen occasionally at RN, WG and CA)

    87. Green-breasted Mango (common at RN feeders)

    88. Green Thorntail (once at RN)

    89. Green-crowned Brilliant (common at RN feeders)

    90. Magnificent Hummingbird(common at SA)

    91. White-throated Mountain-Gem(common at SA)

    92. Volcano Hummingbird(common at SA; also at Irazu)

    93. Garden Emerald(RN verbena flowers only)

    94. Scaly-breasted Hummingbird (one at CA only)

    95. Violet Sabrewing (one at RN waterfall; also at WG)

    96. Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer (fairly common at RN only)

    97. Violet-crowned Wood-nymph(common at RN feeders; also at CA)

    98. Stripe-tailed Hummingbird (SA only)

    99. Snowcap (on verbena and at waterfall of RN only)

    100. Charming Hummingbird (one perched at WG only)

    101. Rufous-tailed Hummingbird (one perched at WG only)

    102. Resplendent Quetzal (Male with young at SA only)

    103. Slaty-tailed Trogon (the most common and widespread Trogon)

    104. Baird's Trogon (1 at PC only)

    105. Violaceous Trogon(common at LS only)

    106. Black-throated Trogon (heard at RB only)

    107. Collared Trogon (heard in distance at RN and WG)

    108. Blue-crowned Motmot (common in the east and south)

    109. Rufous Motmot (seen at RN only)

    110. Turquoise-browed Motmot (common at CA only)

    111. Ringed Kingfisher (seen at Baru and Tracoles rivers)

    112. Amazon Kingfisher (1 at Baru river only)

    113. Green Kingfisher (seen at LS, RB, PC and CA)

    114. White-necked Puffbird (1 in RB forest)

    115. White-whiskered Puffbird (one on bike trail at LS)

    116. Rufous-tailed Jacamar (singles at CA and on bike trail at LS)

    117. Collared Aracari (common at LS and RB)

    118. Fiery-billed Aracari (singles on Pacific coast at WG and RB)

    119. Black-mandibled Toucan (common at LS, PC and RB)

    120. Keel-billed Toucan(common at LS and RN)

    121. Acorn Woodpecker(SA only)

    122. Black-cheeked Woodpecker (seen at LS and RN)

    123. Red-crowned Woodpecker (commonest Woodpecker on the Pacific coast)

    124. Smoky-brown Woodpecker (one at RN only)

    125. Golden-Olive Woodpecker (one at RN only)

    126. Chestnut-colored Woodpecker (one near canteen at LS only)

    127. Lineated Woodpecker (common at LS and PC)

    128. Pale-billed Woodpecker (seen at LS, PC and CA)

    129. Pale-breasted Spinetail (one seen from car in garden near Sierpe)

    130. Redfaced Spinetail (abandoned nests only at WG)

    131. Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner (heard and recorded at WG only)

    132. Plain Xenops (seen at RB and CA)

    133. Plain Brown Woodcreeper(RN only)

    134. Tawny-winged Woodcreeper (RB forest only)

    135. Olivaceous Woodcreeper (RN only)

    136. Longtailed Woodcreeper (one at CA only)

    137. Wedge-billed Woodcreeper(RN and RB forests)

    138. Northern Barred Woodcreeper (RB and one near the cabin at LS)

    139. Cocoa Woodcreeper(common at LS, PC and RB)

    140. Black-striped Woodcreeper (one in RB forest only)

    141. Spotted Woodcreeper (RN only)

    142. Streak-headed Woodcreeper (seen at RN and WG)

    143. Brown-billed Scythebill (one at RN only)

    144. Fasciated Antshrike (one at LS only)

    145. Great Antshrike (heard only at LS)

    146. Barred Antshrike (heard and recorded at CA hotel)

    147. Black-hooded Antshrike (seen at PC, RB and CA)

    148. Russet Antshrike (RN only)

    149. Plain Antvireo (RN and WG)

    150. Checker-throated Antwren (seen at RN only)

    151. Slaty Antwren (seen at RB and CA)

    152. Dot-winged Antwren (seen at RB and CA)

    153. Chestnut-backed Antbird (seen at PC, RB and CA)

    154. Black-faced Antthrush (heard and recorded at WG)

    155. Streak-chested Antpitta (RB forest only)

    156. Greenish Elaenia (seen at RN and CA)

    157. Yellow-bellied Elaenia (seen at RN, WG and PC)

    158. Mountain Elaenia (seen at SA only)

    159. Torrent Tyrannulet (on river at SA only)

    160. Ochre-bellied Flycatcher (seen at LS and RN)

    161. Slaty-capped Flycatcher (RN only)

    162. Paltry Tyrannulet (seen at LS only)

    163.Northern Bentbill (glimpsed at CA only)

    164. Common Tody-Flycatcher (common at LS, RN and PC)

    165. Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher (heard only at RN)

    166. Eye-ringed Flatbill (seen by Gabor only at RN)

    167. Yellow-Olive Flycatcher (entering nest) (seen at RN and CA)

    168. Royal Flycatcher (seen at CA only, with nests)

    169. Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher (seen at RB only)

    170. Sulphur-rumped Flycatcher (seen at RN only)

    171. Tawny-chested Flycatcher (common at RN only)

    172. Tufted Flycatcher (seen at SA river only)

    173. Eastern Wood-Pewee (seen at PC and WG)

    174. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (seen at RN and WG)

    175. Yellowish Flycatcher (seen at SA only)

    176. Longtailed Tyrant (seen at RN only)

    177. Bright-rumped Attila (seen at RB; heard at PC)

    178. Dusky-capped Flycatcher (seen at LS and WG)

    179. Great Kiskadee (common throughout)

    180. Boat-billed Flycatcher (common throughout)

    181. Social Flycatcher (common at RN, WG, and PC)

    182. Gray-capped Flycatcher (seen at WG only)

    183. White-ringed Flycatcher (common at LS only)

    184. Streaked Flycatcher (common around RB river)

    185. Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher (seen at LS and common at WG)

    186. Piratic Flycatcher (seen at LS, RB and WG)

    187. Tropical Kingbird (common in open areas throughout)

    188. Turquoise Cotinga (single male on Route 237 near Paso Real)

    189. Rufous Piha (heard only at RB)

    190. White-ruffed Manakin (RN only)

    191. Bluecrowned Manakin (seen at RB forest only)

    192. White-collared Manakin (common at LS and RN)

    193. Orange-collared Manakin (common at CA forest only)

    194. Black-crowned Tityra (common in open areas, inc LS and RN)

    195. Masked Tityra (seen at LS, RN and CA)

    196. Cinnamon Becard (seen at LS only)

    197. White-winged Becard (seen at RN only)

    198. Rose-throated Becard (seen at CA only )

    199. Yellow-throated Vireo (seen at PC only)

    200. Yellow-winged Vireo (seen at SA and El Bosque)

    201. Philadelphia Vireo (seen at RN and SA only)

    202. Red-eyed Vireo (seen at RN only)

    203. Tawny-crowned Greenlet (seen at RB only)

    204. Lesser Greenlet (common at RN, RB and CA)

    205. White-throated Magpie-Jay (seen at Tarcoles river only)

    206. Brown Jay (common at RN)

    207. Blue-and-White Swallow (SA only)

    208. Northern Rough-winged Swallow (seen at LS only)

    209. Southern Rough-winged Swallow (seen at PC and CA)

    210. Mangrove Swallow (singles at LS and RB, common at Tarcoles river)

    211. Barn Swallow (a few on coast road between RB and CA)

    212. Cliff Swallow (a few at Del Monte factory on road between SA and WG)

    213. Band-backed Wren (seen at LS only)

    214. Rufous-naped Wren (CA forest only)

    215. Black-bellied Wren (seen at RB and CA)

    216. Rufous-breasted Wren (seen at WG and CA)

    217. Black-throated Wren (seen at LS canteen only)

    218. Rufous-and-White Wren (seen at CA only)

    219. Riverside Wren (common at PC and RB)

    220. House Wren (seen at LS, RN and PC)

    221. White-breasted Wood-Wren (common at RN only)

    222. Gray-breasted Wood-Wren (single at SA only)

    223. Long-billed Gnat-Wren (heard only at RB forest)

    224. Tropical Gnatchatcher (seen at RN, PC and RB)

    225. American Dipper (two glimpsed on river at SA)

    226. Black-faced Solitaire (common at SA only)

    227. Black-billed Nightingale-Thrush(glimpsed at higher level at SA)

    228. Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush (common, but shy, at WG)

    229. Ruddy-capped Nightingale-Thrush (common at SA river, and confiding)

    230. Swainson's Thrush (common throughout)

    231. Wood Thrush (single at LS only)

    232. Sooty Thrush (single at SA only)

    233. Mountain Thrush (seen at WG only)

    234. Clay-colored Thrush (common throughout)

    235. White-throated Thrush (seen at WG only)

    236. Longtailed Silky-Flycatcher (seen twice at SA only)

    237. Ovenbird (seen at CA forest only)

    238. Northern Waterthrush (seen at Rio Baru and CA hotel stream only)

    239. Golden-winged Warbler(seen at LS only)

    240. Tennessee Warbler (one at El Bosque restaurant stop only)

    241. Mourning Warbler (seen at RN only)

    242. Tropical Parula (seen at RN only)

    243. Blackburnian Warbler (seen at RN only)

    244. Yellow Warbler (common on the Pacific side)

    245. Chesnut-sided Warbler (common at LS, RN and WG)

    246. Yellow-rumped Warbler (seen at LS only)

    247. Black-throated Green Warbler (seen at SA only)

    248. Buff-rumped Warbler (seen on streams at RN and CA hotel)

    249. Wilson's Warbler (seen at RN and SA)

    250. Collared Redstart (seen at SA only)

    251. Bananaquit (common throughout)

    252. Gray-headed Tanager (seen at RB only)

    253. White-throated Shrike-Tanager(seen at RB forest only)

    254. White-shouldered Tanager (occasional on the Pacific side)

    255. Passerini's Tanager (common on the Caribbean side)

    256. Cherrie's Tanager (common on the Pacific side)

    257. Blue-gray Tanager (common throughout)

    258. Palm Tanager (seen at LS and RB)

    259. Silver-throated Tanager (seen at SA and WG)

    260. Bay-headed Tanager (seen at LS and WG)

    261. Golden-hooded Tanager (common throughout)

    262. Scarlet-thighed Dacnis (one at WG only)

    263. Blue Dacnis (common at LS only)

    264. Green Honeycreeper (common at LS only)

    265. Shining Honeycreeper (common at LS only)

    266. Red-legged Honeycreeper (common on the Pacific side)

    267. Streaked Saltator (one at WG only)

    268. Buff-throated Saltator (common thoughout)

    269. Blue-black Grassquit (common around LS only)

    270. Variable Seed-eater (common thoughout)

    271. Thick-billed Seedfinch (PC and RB only)

    272. Yellow-faced Grassquit (RN and SA)

    273. Slaty Flowerpiercer (SA only)

    274. Yellow-thighed Finch (SA only)

    275. Orange-billed Sparrow (seen often throughout)

    276. Black-striped Sparrow (seen at BO and WG)

    277. Rufous-collared Sparrow (common at SA and Irazu)

    278. Volcano Junco (seen at Irazu only)

    279. Common Bush-Tanager (seen at SA and RN)

    280. Sooty-capped Bush-Tanager (seen at SA only)

    281. Summer Tanager (seen LS only)

    282. Scarlet Tanager (seen at LS and WG)

    283. Flame-colored Tanager (seen at SA only)

    284. Red-throated Ant-Tanager (seen at LS [loud song in the mornings] and RN only)

    285. Black-faced Grosbeak (seen at LS only)

    286. Rosebreasted Grosbeak(seen at LS only)

    287. Blue-black Grosbeak (seen at LS and WG)

    288. Melodious Blackbird (seen at Tarcoles river only)

    289. Great-tailed Grackle (seen at LS, PC and CA)

    290. Bronzed Cowbird (seen at BO only)

    291. Black-cowled Oriole (common at LS and PC)

    292. Baltimore Oriole (seen at RN, BO and WG)

    293. Scarlet-rumped Cacique (single at LS only)

    294. Montezuma Oropendula (common at LS and RN)

    295. Yellow-crowned Euphonia (seen at PC only)

    296. Thick-billed Euphonia (seen at RB and CA)

    297. Yellow-throated Euphonia (seen at RN only)

    298. Spot-crowned Euphonia (seen at WG, PC and RB)

    299. Olive-backed Euphonia (seen at LS only)

    300. Tawny-capped Euphonia (seen at RN only)

    301. House Sparrow (seen in San Jose only)