Bird List and Photographs for the San Francisco Bay Area, June 21st-26th, 2010, Glenn Morris. Go to Glenn's Home Page


This is a list of birds I saw in the Bay Area in 4 days (June 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 26th, 2010), preceded by a list of the main birdwatching sites. Click on the highlighted species to see my best photo so far. All photos were taken with a lightweight Panasonic DMC-FZ18 camera with up to 23x optical zoom.

  • Most sites visited can be found in the on-line guide "Birding the SF Bay Trail"

  • EC = El Cerrito suburban streets and cemetery, near Berkeley†

    Point Isabel = marshlands cycle path north of Rydin Rd, between I-580 and the Bay at El Cerrito

    Carquinez Scenic Drive = near Crockett, hilly grassland and scrub overlooking the Bay

    MLK = Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline (Oakland), marshland and open water

    Coyote Hills = Regional Park with extensive marshland and grassy hills

    Alviso = southern section of the Don Edwards NWR near Santa Clara.

    Palo Alto = Baylands Nature Center with wetlands and open water, near Palo Alto airport

    McClellan Park = suburban park with trail outstanding for riverine woodland birds, near Cupertino.

    Skyline Ridge = Open Space Preserve on the mountains between the Bay and the Coast, west of Palo Alto.

    Del Valle = large reservoir with forested sides south of Livermore, a famous site for Bald Eagle.

  • Late June is perhaps not the ideal time of year for birding but I managed to identify 78 species in 4 days, nearly all within a few miles of the San Francisco Bay.


    1. Western Grebe (many family groups at Del Valle)

    2. Clark's Grebe (1 at Del Valle)

    3. Pied-billed Grebe (several family groups at Del Valle and Coyote Hills)

    4. White Pelican (4 at Carquinez, 20+ at Alviso, 50+ at Coyote Hills)

    5. Brown Pelican (4 at MLK)

    6. Double-crested Cormorant (Common near water)

    7. Great Blue Heron (1 at Coyote Hills)

    8. Great Egret (1 at MLK, a few at Coyote Hills)

    9. Snowy Egret (a few at Alviso, Palo Alto)

    10. Black-crowned Night-Heron (1 adult and 1 immature at Palo Alto, also Coyote Hills)

    11. Canada Goose (Common near water)

    12. Gadwall (1 at MLK)

    13. Mallard (a few nesting, larger numbers at Palo Alto)

    14. Cinnamon Teal (Pair at Coyote Hills)

    15. Greater Scaup (4 at MLK)

    16. Ruddy Duck(Singles at Alviso and Coyote Hills)

    17. Turkey Vulture (Seen daily in good numbers throughout)

    18. Osprey (Single at Carquinez)

    19. Whitetailed Kite** (1 at Carquinez)

    20. Redtailed Hawk (Fairly common throughout)

    21. Bald Eagle**† (One in flight at Del Valle)

    22. Northern Harrier (Pair at Coyote Hills. male at Palo Alto)

    23. California Quail (heard at Skyline Ridge)

    24. Moorhen (Common Gallinule) (1 at Coyote Hills)

    25. American Coot (several families at Del Valle and common elsewhere)

    26. Blacknecked Stilt (Numerous breeder at MLK, Alviso and Palo Alto )

    27. American Avocet (Numerous breeder at MLK, Alviso and Palo Alto)

    28. Killdeer (several at Point Isabel and MLK)

    29. Dowitcher (2 at Alviso)

    30. Marbled Godwit (flocks of 10+ at MLK, also at Point Isabel and Palo Alto)

    31. Whimbrel (small numbers at Point Isabel and Palo Alto)

    32. Longbilled Curlew (with Whimbrel in similar numbers)

    33. Greater Yellowlegs (1 at Coyote Hills)

    34. Lesser Yellowlegs (1 at MLK)

    35. Willet (1 or 2 at Point Isabel and MLK)

    36. Ring-billed Gull (numerous at Palo Alto)

    37. Western Gull (occidentalis) (Point Isabel)

    38. Western Gull (Numerous throughout)

    39. Forsterís Tern(common at wetlands)

    40. Band-Tailed Pigeon (2 at Skyline Ridge)

    41. Mourning Dove (Seen or heard daily)

    42. Anna's Hummingbird(singles at EC, MLK and McClellan)

    43. Acorn Woodpecker (singles at Del Valle and McClellan)

    44. Nuttall's Woodpecker (1 at Del Valle, nest with young at McClellan)

    45. Downy Woodpecker (1)

    46. Black Phoebe (common in open or rocky areas throughout)

    47. Western Kingbird (1 at Carquinez)

    48. Tree Swallow (numerous at Coyote Hills)

    49. Violet-Green Swallow (4+ at McClellan)

    50. Cliff Swallow (numerous, with colonies at Palo Alto and Del Valle)

    51. Barn Swallow (common throughout)

    52. Marsh Wren (several heard and glimpsed at Coyote Hills)

    53. Bewick's Wren (1 at McClellan)

    54. Northern Mockingbird (Common: seen and heard daily)

    55. Western Bluebird (Common, especially at EC, Del Valle and Carquinez)

    56. American Robin (singles at EC and Coyote Hills)

    57. Bushtit (abundant in bushy and scrubby areas throughout)

    58. Chestnut-backed Chickadee (1 at McClellan)

    59. Oak Titmouse (small parties at Del Valle and McClellan)

    60. Steller's Jay (seen at McClellan only, where numerous)

    61. Western Scrub Jay (common in all habitats throughout)

    62. Yellowbilled Magpie (2 at Del Valle)

    63. American Crow (Common in small groups throughout)

    64. Raven (singles at Carquinez and Alviso)

    65. House Sparrow (fairly common in urban areas)

    66. Starling (Common)

    67. Warbling Vireo (single at McClellan)

    68. House Finch (very common in urban areas)

    69. Lesser Goldfinch (common in suburban EC)

    70. American Goldfinch (common in suburban EC, Alviso, etc)

    71. Common Yellowthroat (1 heard at Coyote Hills)

    72. Spotted Towhee (1 at McClellan)

    73. California Towhee (common in suburban EC and throughout)

    74. Song Sparrow (common on marshes of the Bay)

    75. Whitecrowned Sparrow (1 singing at Point Isabel)

    76. Grasshopper Sparrow (1 at Carquinez)

    77. Redwinged Blackbird (Fairly common in wetland areas)

    78. Brewer's Blackbird (Common, sometimes in large flocks)