"Birds around Burgas, Bulgaria, Sep 22nd-28th, 2013", Glenn Morris. Go to Glenn's Home Page


This is a list of birds I saw in the Burgas region of Bulgaria during the raptor migration period of late September, 2012

It is preceded by a list of the main birdwatching sites. Click on the highlighted species to see photos taken with a lightweight Panasonic DMC-FZ18 camera with up to 23x optical zoom (mostly identification quality only).

  • Watchpoint = the migration watchpoint near the causeway across Atanosovsko Lake

    Pomorie = the Pomorie saltpans, especially near the Salt Museum

    LIDL = the LIDL supermarket car park just after the first roundabout in Burgas

    Atanosovsko = the east side of the Lake with access from the Cerno More road

    Kableskovo hills = wooded hills on a road to a picnic spot above Kableskovo

    Aheloj-Kab = the road between Aheloj and Kableskovo

    Mandra-DIM = Mandra Lake at the bridge before Dimchevo

    Mandra-PRI = Mandra Lake at a watchpoint north of Prisad, with nearby riverine woodland

    Ropotamo = riverside car park for the Ropotamo Reserve near Primorsko

    Jasna Polyana = the oak woodland between this village and Primorsko, adjacent to Ropotamo Reserve


    1. Mute Swan (daily, in groups of up to 12)

    2. Mallard(flocks of 10-40 at Mandra and Pomorie)

    3. Shelduck (distant flock of 50 at Atanosovsko)

    4. Teal (6 at Mandra-Prisad)

    5. Pochard(3 males at Mandra-Dimchevo)

    6. Tufted Duck (40 at Mandra-Dimchevo)

    7. Black-neckedGrebe (close views of 1-2 at Pomorie)

    8. Little Grebe (100 at Atanokovsko, 40 at Mandra-Dimchevo, a few at Pomorie)

    9. Great Crested Grebe (50-100 at Mandra-Dimchevo, a few at Pomorie)

    10. White Pelican (migrating flocks of 200 and 400 at the watchpoint)

    11. Dalmatian Pelican (9 at watchpoint, 4 at LIDL and 18 at Mandra-Prisad)

    12. Great Cormorant(abundant on all wetlands, 200+ at Pomorie)

    13. Pygmy Cormorant (30+ at Mandra-Dimchevo only)

    14. Black Stork (daily migration in flocks of 50-60, total 360 for the week)

    15. White Stork (only 5 singles at the watchpoint, nesting birds already left)

    16. Squacco Heron (2 at Mandra-Prisad)

    17. Little Egret (small numbers, 1-4 birds)

    18. Great White Egret (3 at Mandra-Prisad, singles at Pomorie)

    19. Grey Heron (common, maximum 100 at Mandra-Prisad)

    20. Purple Heron (1 juvenile at Mandra-Prisad)

    21. Griffon Vulture (1 with a Marsh harrier at Aheloj-Kab on Sep 25th)

    22. Osprey (singles seen daily at Atanokovsko and Mandra)

    25. Lesser Spotted Eagle (migrating daily, maximum count 600 on the 26th, total for the week 1,400)

    26. Short-toed Eagle (regular component of eagle flocks; total 10 for the week)

    27. Booted Eagle (single adults on Sep 26th and 27th)

    28. Black Kite (single at the watchpoint on the 23rd)

    29. Marsh Harrier (common as residents and also in migrating flocks; 30+ during the week)

    30. Pallid Harrier (male at Mandra-Prisad on the 24th, flying low over ploughed field)

    31. Long-legged Buzzard (hard for me to ID, but one definite at LIDL on Sep 27th)

    32. Honey Buzzard (3 singles seen at the watchpoint during the week, but more may have been missed easily)

    33. Common Buzzard (common in migrating flocks, mostly this form at the watchpoint on Sep 28th, 100+)

    34. Steppe Buzzard (common in migrating flocks, mostly this form at the watchpoint on Sep 26th, 50+; single photographed at Mandra-Dimchevo)

    35. Sparrowhawk (seen daily, both with eagle flocks and migrating at lower levels; 34+ for the week)

    36. Kestrel (singles seen daily, hunting or with migrating flocks)

    37. Red-footed Falcon (19 singles seen over the watchpoint on Sep 28th)

    38. Hobby (seen daily, usually hunting rather than with migrating flocks, esp Dimchevo-Prisad area )

    39. Peregrine (seen 5 times, 4 at the watchpoint and once over Pomorie town)

    40. Moorhen (only 1, at Mandra-Dimchevo)

    41. Coot (abundant, maximum 300+ on Mandra Lake)

    42. Blackwinged Stilt (single at Pomorie)

    43. Pied Avocet (flock of up to 8 birds at Pomorie)

    44. Little Ringed Plover (single at Pomorie)

    45. Ringed Plover (1 at Pomorie)

    46. Lapwing (flock of 60 at Atanokovsko on Sep 25th)

    47. Knot (1 at Pomorie with dunlin and redshank on Sep 22nd)

    48. Whimbrel (single calling in flight at Pomorie on the 26th

    49. Redshank (small numbers at Pomorie daily)

    50. Greenshank (2 at Pomorie)

    51. Marsh Sandpiper (distant group of 6 at Pomorie on 22nd only)

    52. Green Sandpiper (2 at Mandra-Prosad Sep 24th-27th)

    53. Dunlin (single at Pomorie on Sep 22nd only)

    54. Ruff (6 at Mandra-Prisad, Sep 24th-27th)

    55. Blackheaded Gull (abundant)

    56. Yellow-legged Gull (abundant)

    57. Mediterranean Gull (abundant)

    58. Slender-billed Gull (1 at Pomorie on Sep 26th)

    59. Common Gull(1 at Pomorie on Sep 22nd)

    60. Little Gull (10 at Pomorie Sep 22nd-23rd)

    61. Common Tern (daily at Pomorie, max 20 on Sep 22nd)

    62. Sandwich Tern (daily at Pomorie, max 20 on Sep 22nd and 25th)

    63. Caspian Tern (2 at Pomorie on Sep 24th and 2 at Mandra-Prisad on Sep 27th)

    64. Whiskered Tern (two at Mandra Lake on 23rd and 24th)

    65. White-winged Black Tern (3 at Mandra-Dimchevo on Sep 24th)

    66. Feral Pigeon (small flocks occasionally)

    67. Wood Pigeon (1 near Jasna Polyana)

    68. Collared Dove(2 on Sep 23rd, 10 on Sep 24th at Dimchevo)

    69. Swift (1 with swallows at LIDL on the 27th)

    70. Pallid Swift (2 present daily near Hotel St George, Pomorie twon)

    71. Hoopoe (single at Atanokovsko Lake on Sep 25th)

    72. Kingfisher (3 at the sluice gate, Atanokovsko)

    73. Bee-eater (flocks of 200 migrating at Atanokovsko on the 23rd and 100 at Mandra-Prisad on the same day, but only 10 left on the 24th and none on the 27th)

    74. Syrian Woodpecker (singles at Aheloj-Kab and Jasna Polyana)

    75. Red-backed Shrike (common migrant, 10+ seen daily on bushes)

    76. Crested Lark (pairs at Pomorie and Mandra Lake)

    77. Sand Martin (seen daily in migrating hirundine flocks)

    78. Barn Swallow (migrating in 1,000s, max 200 on the 25th)

    79. House Martin (seen daily in migrating hirundine flocks)

    80. Tree Pipit (2 birds on overhead wires at the watchpoint on the 28th)

    81. White Wagtail (frequent large movements, max. 50+ on Sep 25th)

    82. Grey Wagtail (2 on the Black Sea shore at Pomorie town and 2 in the Ropotamo car park)

    83. Robin (singles at Vitosha, Melnik and Rila)

    84. Thrush Nightingale (one in the car park at Ropotamo Reserve)

    85. Whinchat (seen twice on overhead wires around Atanokovsko Lake)

    86. Blackbird (only 2, at Dimchevo riverine woodland)

    87. Willow Warbler (large numbers on passage, nearly all small warblers were this species)

    88. Chiffchaff (7 birds in Pomorie town on Sep 28th)

    89. Blackcap (male and female in riverine woods at Dimchevo)

    90. Spotted Flycatcher (1 at Kableskovo hills and 2 at Dimchevo)

    91. Red-breasted Flycatcher (singles at Pomorie and Ropotamo Reserve car park)

    92. Great Tit (seen twice)

    93. Marsh Tit (one in Ropotamo Reserve car park)

    94. Blue Tit (seen on 4 occasions)

    95. Magpie (common in flocks of up to 10)

    96. Jay (1-2 in oakwoods at Kableskovo and Jasna Polyana)

    97. Jackdaw (largish flocks in Pomorie and elsewhere)

    98. Hooded Crow(small flocks at Pomorie and Mandra Lake)

    99. Starling (large flocks of up to 2000 birds seen often)

    100. House Sparrow (common, with large roadside flocks)

    101. Tree Sparrow (common at Pomorie Salt Museum)

    102. Chaffinch (seen daily, but large flocks of 1000+ on ploughed fields along Jasna Polyana-Primorsko road)

    103. Goldfinch (2-3 birds in flight on 3 occasions)

    104. Hawfinch(seen three times around Jasna Polyana)

    105. Corn Bunting(flock of 50+ with snatches of song at Mandra-Prisad on Sep 23rd; singles elsewhere)