"Birds of Istanbul and Adana", Turkey, early June, 2010, Glenn Morris. Go to Glenn's Home Page


This is a list of birds I saw in Istanbul (1 day casual birding) and the Adana region (5 full days organised and led by Spatia Wildlife of Sofia). The full Spatia tour of Turkey was scheduled to continue further east, but we had to leave early for personal reasons. 130 spp were seen.

It is preceded by a list of the main birdwatching sites. For common birds, often only the first sighting is listed. Click on the highlighted species to see photos taken with a lightweight Panasonic DMC-FZ18 camera with up to 23x optical zoom (mostly identification quality only).

  • Istanbul = mainly old touristic city, with views of Bosphorus and Sea of Marmara 

    Tuzla = a wetland area near the sea south of Adana

    Goksu delta = protected wetlands between Selifike and Tasucu

    Uzuncaburc = Roman ruins in limestone gorge country with pine forests, just north of Goksu

    Aladag = high mountain National Park 150km north of Adana

    Emli valley = southern part of Aladag Park

    Safak Pension = fields and orchards around the local base for Aladag Park

  • 1. Yelkouan Shearwater (1000s streaming from Bosphorus into the Sea of Marmara all a.m.)

    2. Little Grebe (1 at Kingfisher site near Tuzla)

    3. Great Crested Grebe (several at Goksu)

    4. Cormorant(common near Bosphorus and Marmara shores)

    5. Shag (common near Bosphorus and Marmara shores)

    6. Black-crowned Night Heron (1 at Kingfisher site near Tuzla)

    7. Squacco Heron (1 at Kingfisher site near Tuzla)

    8. Cattle Egret (several on ricefields near Tuzla)

    9. Little Egret (a few at Tuzla and Goksu)

    10. Great White Egret (1 at Goksu)

    11. Grey Heron (1 in Istanbul, several at Goksu)

    12. Purple Heron (several at Goksu)

    13. White Stork (30+ at Goksu)

    14. Spoonbill (8 at Goksu)

    15. Greater Flamingo (150+ at Tuzla, 3 at Goksu)

    16. Ruddy Shelduck (6+ at Goksu)

    17. Mallard (pair in Bosphorus, female with young at Tuzla)

    18. Shoveler (1F at Goksu)

    19. Marbled Teal (1F with young at Goksu)

    20. Pochard (2 at Goksu)

    21. Marsh Harrier (pair at Tuzla, numerous at Goksu)

    22. Longlegged Buzzard (1 caught snake at Emli)

    23. Kestrel (1 at Safak )

    24. Unidentified Falcon (1 dark phase at Emli? )

    25. Hobby (1 at Goksu, 1 at Emli, 1 at Safak)

    26. Eleonora's Falcon (1 at Goksu and 1 at Emli, mobbed by Hobby in both places)

    27. Peregrine (seen perched twice at Goksu, possibly same large female)

    28. Chukar (common at Emli)

    29. Black Francolin (2 males and a female at Goksu)

    30. Moorhen (1 at Kingfisher site near Tuzla)

    31. Greyheaded Swamphen (distant views of 2 at Goksu)

    32. Coot (1 at Goksu)

    33. Blackwinged Stilt (a few at Tuzla and Goksu)

    34. Kentish Plover (Several at Tuzla and Goksu)

    35. Grey Plover (1 at Goksu)

    36. Spurwinged Plover (1 at Tuzla, very common at Goksu)

    37. Dunlin (a few at Tuzla)

    38. Turnstone (1 at Tuzla)

    39. Slender-billed Gull (singles at Tuzla and Goksu)

    40. Audouin's Gull (20+ at Goksu)

    41. Yellow-legged Gull (abundant near water throughout)

    42. Gull-billed Tern (a few at Tuzla)

    43. Sandwich Tern (a few at Tuzla)

    44. Common Tern (a few at Tuzla)

    45. Little Tern (many at Tuzla and Goksu)                        

    46. Whiskered Tern (3 on ricefields near Tuzla)

    47. Feral Pigeon (present throughout)

    48. Collared Dove (common in urban areas throughout)

    49. Laughing Dove (common in urban areas throughout)

    50. Turtle Dove (heard at Uzuncaburc)

    51. Cuckoo (heard at Emli)

    52. Scops Owl (pair heard at Safak)

    53. Little Owl (common, 6 seen in daylight)

    54. Common Swift (common in Istanbul)

    55. Alpine Swift (common in Istanbul (Blue Mosque) and Safak)

    56. Whitebreasted Kingfisher (2 at a riverine site near Tuzla)

    57. Hoopoe (common at Uzuncaburc, Aladag and Emli)

    59. Syrian Woodpecker (common in orchards and pinewoods)

    60. Calandra Lark (1 at Emli)

    61. Short-toed Lark (several at Goksu and Emli)

    62. Crested Lark (common in open areas)

    63. Woodlark (singing male at Aladag)

    64. Shore Lark (1 at Emli and Aladag)

    65. Sand Martin (numerous at Tuzla and Goksu)

    66. Crag Martin (a few at Emli)

    67. Swallow (small numbers throughout)

    68. Redrumped Swallow (6 at Uzuncaburc and along S. coast)

    69. House Martin (nesting in Adana and Tasucu)

    70. Yellow Wagtail (common at Goksu)

    71. White Wagtail (1 at Safak)

    72. Yellowvented Bulbul (several in populated areas of Adana and Goksu)

    73. Rufous Bushchat (1 at Tuzla, several at Goksu)

    74. Wren (1 at Emli)

    75. White-throated Robin (1 male at Emli)

    76. Black Redstart (pair at Emli)

    77. Isabelline Wheatear (several at Emli, Aladag and Safak)

    78. Northern Wheatear (several at Emli and Aladag)

    79. Blackeared Wheatear (several at Uzuncaburc)

    80. Finsch's Wheatear (several at Emli and Aladag)

    81. Blue Rock Thrush (1 at Uzuncaburc)

    82. Blackbird (10+ at Uzuncaburc)

    83. Mistle Thrush (a few at Uzuncaburc)

    84. Cetti's Warbler (1 heard at Safak)

    85. Graceful Prinia (several at Goksu)

    86. Moustached Warbler (family of 6 at Goksu)

    87. Reed Warbler (numerous at Goksu)

    88. Great Reed Warbler (1 in small patch of reeds at Goksu)

    89. Olivaceous Warbler (seen first at Tuzla, but widespread)

    90. Olive-tree Warbler (1 at Uzuncaburc)

    91. Ruppell's Warbler (glimpses only at Uzuncaburc)

    92. Orphean Warbler (glimpses only at Uzuncaburc)

    93. Lesser Whitethroat (seen at Emli )

    94. Whitethroat (heard Uzuncaburc, seen Safak )

    95. Bearded Reedling (several in reedbeds at Goksu)

    96. Longtailed Tit (10+ at Uzuncaburc)

    97. Sombre Tit(1 at Uzuncaburc)

    98. Coal Tit (1 at Uzuncaburc)

    99. Blue Tit (2 at Uzuncaburc)

    100. Great Tit (a few in Istanbul)

    101. Kruper's Nuthatch (5+ at Uzuncaburc)

    102. Nuthatch (1 at Uzuncaburc)

    103. Rock Nuthatch (several at Uzuncaburc and Emli)

    104. Golden Oriole (heard and glimpsed at Safak)

    105. Redbacked Shrike (1 at Emli and Safak)

    106. Lesser Grey Shrike (pair at Safak)

    107. Woodchat Shrike (2+ at Goksu)

    108. Masked Shrike (3+ at Uzuncaburc)

    109. Jay (1 at Uzuncaburc)

    110. Magpie (5+ at Safak)

    111. Redbilled Chough (30+ at Emli)

    112. Hooded Crow (abundant in Istanbul, common throughout)

    113. Raven (2 at Goksu)

    114. Starling (20+ at Safak)

    115. House Sparrow (common in Istanbul)

    116. Spanish Sparrow (at stork's nest in Goksu)

    117. Tree Sparrow (15+ at Safak)

    118. Rock Sparrow (1 at Emli)

    119. Snowfinch (1 at Aladag)

    120. Chaffinch (3+ at Uzuncaburc)

    121. Redfronted Serin (4+ at Emli)

    122. Greenfinch (4 at Goksu)

    123. Goldfinch (common thoughout)

    124. Linnet (3+ at Emli and Aladag)

    125. Crimson-winged Finch (3+ at Emli and Aladag)

    126. Rock Bunting (2+ at Emli)

    127. Cretzschmars Bunting (8+ at Uzuncaburc)

    128. Blackheaded Bunting (common at Uzuncaburc and Safak) Song (rec: 4Jun2010)

    129. Corn Bunting (several at Emli)

    130. Roseringed Parakeet (4+ in Topkapi Gardens, Istanbul)